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Profiles Series
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The Profiles Series

The American Backflow Prevention Association produced the video seen below through The Profiles Series with Louis Gossett, Jr.  The Profiles Series is a program that is repeated every few years on different television stations such as the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, My Family TV, and many others. The program that includes ABPA could be re-aired many times over the next several years. In addition, it is syndicated on the US Government’s Voice of America Television, which means that it is also shown around the world.  You can also view and download the segment on YouTube.


We produced one of the finest quality commercials and video productions.  In addition to the continued exposure the series will give the ABPA, it can be used as an outreach tool to educate the public, and be uswed as a Public Service Announcement (PSA).  We produced three segments which vary in length from 2 to 8 minutes.  The DVD discusses the dangers of cross-connections and also gives information about the American Backflow Prevention Association. 


One of the goals is to get our message out to as many individuals in as many forums as possible, i.e., schools, legislators, municipalities, local officials, hospitals, property owners, community events, etc.  The most effective way to achieve this is for the officers and members in the local chapters to distribute the videos directly to their communities.


The ABPA Profile Series is a public service announcement in 2, 6, & 8 minute segments that explains how backflow occurs. The DVD can be purchased through the Online Store.


You can check out the Website for The Profiles Series at

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